Transitioning To Leadership: 4 Reasons Why Professional People Struggle

Transitioning To Leadership: 4 Reasons Why Professional People StruggleAs someone who spent 25 years in accountancy, I know that there are many highly competent and capable people who struggle to make the transition from highly rated professionals to highly effective leaders.

Why is this and what steps can you take to overcome the challenges?

Reason 1: There Is No Rule Book

Accountancy, as indeed with most professions, is governed by principles, Continue reading

Dream Building and Mirror Fogging

Dream Building and Mirror FoggingYou ask what does fogging a mirror have to do with dream building? I have been around and have listened and watched some of the Network Marketing or MLM industries Leaders and how they teach.

Successful Leaders are successful because they have a Dream or Vision. When you are searching for a company to join and to spend your time building the lifestyle you want then make sure the people Continue reading

A Word About Leadership – Part 1 – Obnoxious Typing Syndrome

A Word About Leadership - Part 1 - Obnoxious Typing SyndromeSo, after four long and hard (and extremely rewarding) years working in formal and informal education, I finally feel confident to write about some of the important lessons I’ve learned along the way.

I consider myself a careful watcher of my surroundings. Therefore, I’m uniquely qualified to learn from every person around me. But if I were to only learn from what they Continue reading

Living With an Alcoholic – More Common Than You Think!

Living With an Alcoholic - More Common Than You Think!Three in five people, either directly or indirectly, know someone in their immediate social circle who is suffering from alcoholism. From this we can easily conclude that there are many people who have experienced or are experiencing what it is like to be living with an alcoholic.

This is not about the “nameless” homeless man or woman you might try to ignore in the street, but about Continue reading

Change – To Be Or Not to Be!

Change - To Be Or Not to Be!What is your response to change? Do you resist it or embrace it? When you resist change and look at it from a negative perspective, it will bring:

– Conflicting challenge – Hardship – Anger – Negativity – Gloomy stress – Emotional attachment

On the other hand, when you accept and embrace change positively, it will bring:

– Constructive and convincing challenge – Happiness Continue reading

Goal Setting and the Homeostatic Impulse

Goal Setting and the Homeostatic ImpulseHomeostasis (i. e. maintaining a stable, constant condition) when contrasted with the impulse behind setting goals offers an interesting opportunity to help accelerate your progress in any given field.

How come? Well, for starters, the creative tension introduced by acting on your goal will, over time, cause current reality to change. Your reality. And that of others too. Most notably – those Continue reading

The 3 Main Advantages of Planning Ahead

The 3 Main Advantages of Planning AheadMany of us are on occasion inspired to take on new and exciting opportunities, or to change something that’s not working for us and focus on something more satisfying and appealing. In order for those wonderful new challenges, ideas and concepts to become reality, in order for us to live the dream we have to find a way to turn our thoughts into feasible stepping-stones Continue reading