The Elements of Executive Leadership Coaching

The Elements of Executive Leadership CoachingWith the advent of the twenty-first century, businesses have found themselves in an increasingly competitive global market. Even small scale businesses feel the heat of competition. Hence, the skills that enabled small business managers in previous years are no longer enough in this highly intense business atmosphere. It is obvious that given this situation, companies require leaders who can lead Continue reading

Goal Setters Do Well to Recognise Their Talents

Goal Setters Do Well to Recognise Their TalentsHow many kids return home from school rejoicing in an almost-clean sweep of achievement with their end-of-school-term report only for a parent to question why they have slipped in religious studies or technical drawing?

Must be disheartening especially after so much good has been accomplished.

While there’s a role for constructive feedback, this seeking-out-the-negative characteristic is embedded Continue reading

Understanding and Implementing Concepts Associated With Addiction Rehabilitation

Understanding and Implementing Concepts Associated With Addiction RehabilitationDependence on drugs can be a complex disease however it is definitely treatable. Just by understanding the basic concepts driving addiction treatments, there is a much greater chance for ultimate success in terms of the patients breaking away from the hold that these substances have on them. Substance abuse changes the way in which the mind functions which describe Continue reading

Alcohol And Depression: A Deadly Combination

Alcohol And Depression: A Deadly CombinationWe have all heard of alcohol and depression. Both have different connotations to all of us and as separate things, but they do play into each other. Depression can make you turn to the bottle and alcohol, being a depressant, can depress the nervous system and contribute to depression. Together they can coexist and together, they make a deadly combination.

Suffering Continue reading

Video Game Addiction – A New Worry For Many Parents

Video Game Addiction - A New Worry For Many ParentsWhile video games are seen as a good alternative to keep kids occupied when parents are working, a new study is suggesting these very video games may cause a type of behavioral addiction. In what may parents will relate to, the study says “addicted” kids miss homework, avoid household chores and even take to games as an escape route from their little worries.

The study by researcher Douglas Gentile Continue reading

Food Addiction

Food AddictionCompulsion is what fuels addiction cravings. So when you are trying to stop an addiction, the compulsion or obsession is what must be dealt with first. The most effective method of addressing this persistent desire to eat is through a 12-step group. There you will receive support and a plan for overcoming your addiction by working through the 12-Steps of Recovery.

There Continue reading

Your Need To Excel

Your Need To ExcelHow do my behaviors/actions need to change? Are my goals providing the focus needed to get me where I want to be? If not, there can be no direction. We believe that success is the continual achievement of your own predetermined goals, stabilized by balance and purified by belief. Source: Resource Associates Corporation.

While almost everyone has his or her ideas Continue reading