New Year’s Intention!

New Year's Intention!Your New Year’s Intention!

So, it is the start to a brand New Year and of course you we all do it, set our new years resolution. I have to ask why are these resolutions being made, when you know that you are not going to commit to your resolution. Would you like to start the year off with some tips to help you not only set your resolutions but also meet your intentions by the end of this year so you can accomplish Continue reading

Schooling Versus Leadership

Schooling Versus LeadershipPerhaps the terms, such as school and leadership were derived from the word education. Classically speaking, many things are implied in education. It covers a wide range of notions and meanings. In this short article, however, it will mean one thing to explore the negative relationship between schooling and leadership.

Why we have education, school and leadership simultaneously? Continue reading

Slow And Steady Does Not Win A Race

Slow And Steady Does Not Win A RaceThe moral of the “Hare and Tortoise” story is, Slow and steady wins the race. If the chastened Hare were to race the tortoise again, would you bet on the tortoise?

I would not. After his defeat, the hare is sure to realize that he lost the race due to his own fault and not because the tortoise was slow and steady. This time he would not repeat the mistake of taking a break from Continue reading

7 Steps to Get Anything You Want in Life

7 Steps to Get Anything You Want in LifeIn this article we are literally giving away the keys to the castle, having studied the majority of self-help materials on the market I have never seen this information broken down and clearly presented ready for anyone to use.

Apply this practical strategy and you can get anything you want in life.

Its important that you understand that this strategy works Continue reading

What Is Organizational Culture Anyway?

What Is Organizational Culture Anyway?Have you ever been in the woods, walking on a trail? If so you know that while you see the trees in front of you it is hard to describe the whole forest. At that moment, the forest for you is the trees – because you just see the trees around you. Patterns, dimension and perspective are hard to recognize when all you see are… trees.

Organizational culture is a bit like Continue reading

Goal Kicking – Goal Achievement From Jonny Wilkinson!

Goal Kicking - Goal Achievement From Jonny Wilkinson!As we approach the end of the year of 2011, it’s also the end of the career of a top flight sportsman. Read on for some tried and tested goal achievement tips.

Jonny Wilkinson.

That’s who I’m talking about in this article. December 2011 sees him announce his retirement from international rugby union. As it happens, it doubtful as to whether he would have got another Continue reading

Alcohol and Eating Disorders

Alcohol and Eating DisordersBoozing and drinking parties were pretty evident when I was at university. Most of the heavy drinkers were easy to spot due to their sloppy life styles and poor health. However, eating disorders were kind of shunned and looked at as an illness, so they were more covert and harder to spot. Even then, I got to meet a few of the girls who had eating disorders. Maybe, with my workaholism and over-training, Continue reading